Flow in the Dark


Yoga in the Dark?

No, it’s not a typo. It’s yoga done in the “dark” and not in the “park” and it’s an entirely different experience from the light-filled atmosphere of doing yoga.

Unlike a typical class, practicing in the dark makes you more cognizant of your surroundings. Your brain relies on heightened awareness from senses other than vision to process sensory information in order to stay balanced. This workshop experience is about what you don’t see. It is also about what we don’t know is happening around us!

Yoga is meant to be experienced in your own body, where the only thing that exists around you is space. In the dark, we work on poses that are grounding, yoga poses that allow us to feel the earth, the breath, the body moving. I called out mantras that went like this: In the dark, anything is possible. In the dark, there is no comparison. In the dark, there is no judgement. In the dark, there are no limits to what is possible. Towards the end of the workshop, as the class was in deep relaxation in the deep darkness.



这是一堂很闪的瑜伽课,融合三个重要元素: 光,归零, 感知,引导大家在荧光的时空里,扭转身体,大汗淋漓,随着光影一起一律动,归零自我,重新定义自己的感知。

Extra Bonus 额外奖励

  • All participants will get a personal professional photo
  • Light refreshment provided.

Instructor | 导师:
MS. REBECCA (Please click here to see our instructor biography)

Date | 日期:
18 December 2021 (Saturday)

Time | 时间:
7.00 PM – 9:00 PM

Fee | 收费:
Early Bird Price 早鸟 : RM168.00 / pax
*Sign up before and on 11 December 2021

Normal Price 标准价: RM228.00 / pax

How to Signup |如何报名

1. Please click the following link to register:

2. Make payment to:

23000030668 (Hong Leong Bank)

3. Share with us the proof of payment and we will confirm your registration.

Any question, please Whatsapp us at +60168333033 or click here.