Hip Opening & Arm Balance MasterClass

Masterclass focused on hip opening and flexibility increase of the hip complex which is an extremely important structure of the body; it provides support and stability for the upper body while lending itself to a tremendous range of movement and emotion release.

Join us and play with your edge in this phoenix-powered masterclass full of intense core work, playful arm balances, and deep hip-opening work. Learn proper activation, drills, and prepare for balancing on your hands and how to dealing with falling without fear.

This workshop designed for all-levels workshop Whether looking to gain more range of motion to play harder, or find more ease and less pain from too little movement, these master classes will benefit all.

As you explore pose breakdowns, creative variations, and move through heat-building flows, discover how this experience can help you become more radiant and empowered (like that high-flying, luminous bird) both on and off the mat.

The workshop will follow social distancing guidelines; therefore, seats are limited.

专修班专注于髋部复合体的髋部开放和柔韧性增加,这是身体的一个极其重要的结构, 无痛”开髋,滋养骨盆、缓解痛经,还能瘦大腿! 它为上半身提供支撑和稳定性,同时有助于进行广泛的运动和情绪释放。 加入我们,在这个以凤凰为动力的大师班中发挥你的优势,其中充满了紧张的核心训练、有趣的手臂平衡和深开髋训练。 学习正确的激活、练习,并为双手平衡做好准备,以及如何无所畏惧地应对跌倒。 这个专为各级工作坊设计的工作坊无论是希望获得更大的运动范围以更努力地演奏,还是从太少的运动中找到更多的轻松和更少的痛苦,这些大师班将使所有人受益。 当您探索姿势分解、创造性变化和通过热量构建流程移动时,发现这种体验如何帮助您变得更加容光焕发和充满力量。 专修班将遵循社会疏远准则; 因此,空间是有限的。

MS. WIRNI (Please click here to see our instructor biography)

14 November 2021 (Sunday)

2.30 PM – 5:30 PM

RM220.00 / pax

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