Our Instructors 导师团队

Ms. Rebecca

Rebecca has practicing yoga since year 2006. Besides as a certified instructor registered with Yoga Alliance for international yoga, pregnancy yoga and kids yoga, she also is a singing bowl healing therapist and a certified mindfulness coach.

She also holds a Master Certification for Reiki and a Diploma in Meditation.

Her passion is to spread the numerous benefits of yoga and a healthier approach to life. To as many peoples to understand about how yoga to helps them not only body importantly the benefits to our mind and soul. Yoga is the best workout for ages, and strongly guide people to be injury free, and reach the optimum relaxation. She firmly believes that we all deserve the best life has to offer, and that we all should know how to live it to the fullest.

Although yoga provides the framework for her spiritual practice, it is her experience as a mother that has given her true opportunity for spiritual growth. Perhaps her most influential teachers are her own children, who reminder her very day to take her own advice and take a deep breath! It is with great enthusiasm and joy that she shares her passion with others! Information is vital to a mum to be, as are the practices we can do both on and off the mat. Equally, the postnatal care and awareness that comes from being empowered with supportive yogic philosophies and Baby Yoga bonding sessions all led to her now offering her own Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training. Many of her students have literally transformed themselves and their lives, right before her eyes! So she knows how to do the same for you Join here today, and discover how yoga can change your life as well.

“My life experiences have made me the Yoga Instructor and Student I am today. Practicing and teaching has allowed me to discover the various layers involved in Yoga. Standing on the head is one very small aspect of what Yoga is for me. Yoga is a lifestyle. All my programs align with meditation and breath, as this first and foremost is the backbone of Yoga as well as the final expression. I firmly believe no matter whom your teacher is, your best and most brilliant teacher is YOU, especially when you are awake, open and ready to receive.”

Ms. Wirni

Wirni has more than 13 years experience in Yoga. She specializes in teaching Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Flow Yoga, precision alignment and body tone.

She graduated as a Yoga Instructor certified by Malaysian Association Yoga Instructors (MAYI) and Malaysia’s Minister of Education in 2017. She loves to share her Yoga practice experience with students and hope them can really benefited from practicing yoga.

At Ahimsa Yoga, she focuses in guiding Ashtanga Yoga as well as Masterclasses such as headstand, handstand, crow pose, scorpion pose, arm balance, etc.

Ms. Suit Wan

She is a certified Yoga Instructor by Malaysian Association Yoga Instructors (MAYI) and Malaysia’s Minister of Education.

Ms. Devi

She is a certified Kids Yoga Instructor by Malaysian Association Yoga Instructors (MAYI) and Malaysia’s Minister of Education.