Prenatal Yoga 孕妇瑜伽

您是否知道练习瑜伽可以让怀孕过程变得轻松简单并有助于孕妇在产前保持平和的心态? 瑜伽不但能带给孕妈妈健康宁静,也能让妈妈以此培育宝宝。各种瑜伽练习相互协同,共同帮助孕妇培养精神之爱及智慧,从而开发诸如自律、耐心、宽容、平静、自我牺牲等品质,由此让孕妇在身心和精神上做好迎接分娩和抚养孩子的诸多准备,帮助孕妇顺利度过孕期和安心分娩。


  1. 轻松分娩
  2. 改善睡眠
  3. 减少便秘的发生
  4. 缓解疲倦
  5. 控制体重、改善浮肿
  6. 增强体力和肌肉张力,增强身体的平衡感,提高整个肌肉组织的柔韧度和灵活度。
  7. 给宝宝很好的胎教

Do you know that Yoga is able to calm both mind and body, providing the physical and emotional stress relief your body needs throughout pregnancy? If you’re pregnant, you might be considering prenatal yoga or pregnancy yoga as it also can help you prepare for labor and promote your baby’s health.

Why practice yoga during pregnancy?

  1. The delivery will be easier
  2. Your body and mind will be fit for delivery
  3. Say Goodbye To The Baby Weight Faster
  4. Ease The Aches And Pains
  5. Promote connection with your baby
  6. Strengthen your mental health
  7. Delivery more oxygen to the baby and promotes healthy grow of his/her brain.

When can I join? 我什么时候可以开始练?

The best time to start prenatal or pregnancy yoga is after 14 weeks of pregnancy

I can’t go to your center to practice, how? 我不能去你的中心练习,怎么办?

You may join our online live pregnancy yoga class (via Google Meet) and can practice yoga at your own home without travel to our center.
通过Google Meet会议应用程式,您可以参与我们的线上互动式孕妇瑜伽课,无需到我们中心就可以在家中练习瑜伽。

Class Schedule | 上课时间

Every Sunday (except Public Holidays) | 每个星期日(公众假期除外)
3.00 PM – 4.00 PM

Fee | 费用

Please refer here 请在这里参考



“Thank you for the classes I think it helped me a lot with controlling my breathing and to calm down when it got intense. It was all natural, no medical intervention.”

– one of the pregnancy yoga student who delivered healthy baby in February 2020.