Private Yoga 私人瑜伽

You need a private setting to do intimate work with a well-trained yoga teacher. You might need help in removing emotional or psychological blocks that are getting in your way. You don’t know how to release them by yourself and don’t want to be in a group class working on the release.

您需要私密的环境才能与训练有素的瑜伽老师进行私密的工作。 您可能需要帮助来消除妨碍自己的情绪或心理障碍。 您不知道如何自我放松,也不想与其他人一起自我放松 。

Sometimes in the study of yoga, you need personal attention. Perhaps you’re stuck and can’t move to the next level. You might have physical constraints that cause you to want one-on-one consultation.

有时在学习瑜伽时,您需要个人关注。 也许您被困住了,无法进入下一个级别。 您可能有身体上的限制,导致您需要一对一咨询。

Why You Need Private Yoga Training Lessons 为何需要私人瑜伽训练课

  • You want to go deep into your own needs, and to discuss special adjustments to meet those needs. 您想深入了解自己的需求,并讨论满足这些需求的特殊调整。
  • You work in a stressful high-pressure job and want a professional instructor to guide you through holistic yoga training therapies, health coaching, meditation practices. 您的工作压力很大,并且需要专业的教练指导您完成整体瑜伽训练疗法,健康指导和冥想练习。
  • You need a private and safe space for release of trauma. 您需要一个私人的安全空间来释放创伤。
  • You want personal attention, and a more intensive yoga experience. 您需要个人关注,并希望获得更深入的瑜伽体验。
  • You are new to yoga and want a greater understanding of the challenging poses. 您是瑜伽新手,想对挑战性姿势有更多的了解。
  • You have a very busy life and cannot come to regular classes. 您的生活非常忙碌,无法参加常规课程。
  • You want a personal one-on-one private yoga instructor experience. 您需要私人一对一的私人瑜伽教练经验。
  • You want a deeper spiritual experience of yoga, and want to do that privately with a teacher. 您想要更深层次的瑜伽精神体验,并希望与老师私下进行。

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