The Art of Letting Go: Meditation & Sound bath

We’re excited to invite you for a powerful morning of connecting with your inner wisdom to identify things that are no longer serving you, let them go and open yourself to receive all the things you have been asking for.

During this workshop participants will be guided through a special designed releasing and healing meditation. To slow down, reflect on our year so far and let go of what no longer serves us. This will also be a beautiful opportunity for us to all connect in person again.

The morning will include a strong, sweaty yoga sequence, pranayama and meditation. We will end with a gentle yin yoga practice and a Svasana sound bath. and experience the benefits of letting go of all that no longer serves you.

“If we let go a little, we have a little peace.”
“If we let go a lot, we have a lot of peace.”
“If we let go completely, we have complete peace.”
—Ajahn Chah


在这个研讨会期间,参与者将被引导通过一个特别设计的释放和治疗冥想。 放慢脚步,回顾我们迄今为止的这一年,放弃不再为我们服务的东西。 这也将是我们所有人再次亲自联系的绝佳机会。

早上将包括一个强大的、汗流浃背的瑜伽序列、呼吸法和冥想。 我们将以温和的阴瑜伽练习和 Svasana 声音浴结束。 体验放下一切不再为你服务的好处。


专修班将遵循社会疏远准则; 因此,位置是有限的。

MS. REBECCA (Please click here to see our instructor biography)

28 November 2021 (Sunday)

9:00 AM – 11:00AM

RM118.00 / pax
*Valid until 21 November 2021. After is RM168.00 / pax
**FREE a bottle of Calming Pure essential oil worth RM68 (for early bird only)

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