FAQs 常问问题

A. GENERAL | 一般问题

1.Where is your yoga center? 瑜伽馆在哪儿?
We are located at 7-2, Jalan Equine 1C, Taman Equine, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia.
(Just above of CIMB Bank Taman Equine Branch)
Google Map: https://g.page/ahimsayogaacademy?share

我们的地址是7-2, Jalan Equine 1C, Taman Equine, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia。
(坐落在CIMB Bank的怡觀城分行正上面)
Google Map: https://g.page/ahimsayogaacademy?share

2.How much your yoga class? 怎么收费?
For the fee, please click here.


3.Can I help your yoga class schedule? 可以知道瑜伽课时间表吗?

For class schedule, please click here. We are off during Public Holidays. We also reserve the right to cancel any class if the class is less than minimum students required.


4.Any special discount? 请问有优惠价吗?
All the prices published are fixed. If we have any promotion, we will announce through facebook page. Remember to follow up facebook page at www.facebook.com/ahimsayogaacademy.

所有价钱是定价的。如有特定的优惠,会在我们的面子书公布。请记得关注我们的面子书 – www.facebook.com/ahimsayogaacademy

5.How do I pay? 我该如何付款?
We only accept cash and online bank transfer.


6.What is the teaching language? 请问导师用什么语言教学?
Our instructors are using both English and Mandarin during the class.


7.What so special of your yoga center if compared with others? 您的瑜伽馆与其它的有什么特别?
We provide a clean and comfy place to you to learn yoga. To ensure our students to learn the best and correct yoga practices, all of our instructors are experience and certified by the recognized bodies including Malaysia’s Ministry of Education, Yoga Alliance and Malaysian Association of Yoga Instructors.



1.Do I need to bring my own yoga mat? 我需要带上自己的瑜伽垫吗?
You’re recommended to bring your own yoga mat. If you don’t have, you may use the yoga mat provided here.

我们建议您自备瑜伽垫。 如果没有,可以使用我们中心提供的瑜伽垫。

2.Do I need to bring my own towel? 我需要自带毛巾吗?
Please bring your towel as we do not provide any towel.



1.Do I need to bring my membership card when attending the class? 上课时需要带会员卡吗?
Yes. You must present your valid membership card to the receptionist / instructor before attend the class.


2.Can I put my membership on hold? 可以冻结我的会员资格

Yes, you can. We call our hold option freeze. You may request us to freeze your membership up to 30 days due to your personal reason. A freeze fee of RM30.00 will be charged for each request.


3.What if my membership card has been expired but I still have unused session for attending class? 如果我的会员资格已经过期了但是还有未使用的上课余额 ,还可以用吗?
Upon expiry of your membership, all unused sessions will be forfeited.
No extension and refund will be granted once your membership is expired.


4.What if I want to cancel my membership? 如果我想取消会员资格怎么办?
You can cancel anytime. If still have unused sessions, no refund will be granted regardless any reason.

您可以随时取消。 如果仍然有未使用的上课余额 ,恕不退款。

5.Can I transfer my membership to others? 我可以将我的会员资格转让给其他人吗?
All membership is non-transferable.


6. Do I need to pre-book the class? 我需要提前预约课程吗?
We only serve registered members with advance booking. We do not serve any walk-in customers. Slots are limited for each class. To reserve a slot, please Whatsapp Date & Time to +60168333033.
我们只为提前预订的注册会员提供服务。 我们不为任何步入式客户提供服务。 每班有限制人数。如要预留席位,请Whatsapp +6016833303。

D. LOSS | 损失

1.What happens if I lose something in the center? 如果我在中心丢了东西怎么办?
Let us know as soon as possible so we can check if someone’s handed it in. Please remember that your belongings are your responsibility at all times.


2.What if I lose my membership card? 如果我丢失会员卡怎么办?
Don’t worry. Let us know and we’ll issue you with a new one for a replacement fee of RM10.00.

不用担心 让我们知道,我们将补发新的会员卡但需要付RM10.00补发费。


1.If I have any queries about my membership or others related to the center who do I speak to? 如果我对会员资格或与中心有任何疑问,我应该和谁沟通?
We are happy to help you with any questions or feedback you have. If you’d prefer to speak to our reception team or the management team.


2.How do I update my personal details? 如何想更新我的个人详细信息?
You can update all your personal details through our reception team. They’ll be happy to assist.


3.How do I feedback about your products and services? 我如何反馈您的产品和服务?
We welcome your feedback and we want to hear about ways we can assist you with any concerns you may have. If you have a complaint, please have a chat with one of us. If you would prefer to speak with the management, please let our reception team know. If they aren’t immediately available, the reception team will ensure that you are contacted by them as soon as possible. Alternatively, please email us at ask@ahimsayoga.my. We also love to know what we’re doing well too.

我们欢迎您的反馈,并且想听听我们可以如何协助您解决任何问题。如果您有任何投诉,请与我们的一位俱乐部工作人员进行交谈。如果您想与交谈,请告知我们的接待团队。如果无法立即能与管理层 沟通,接待团队将确保他们尽快与您联系。或者,你也可以通过电邮与我们联络。我们也很想知道如何可以做到更好。