Gentle Yoga 温柔瑜伽

This yoga class which focuses on specific yoga techniques that naturally manage the ravages of time on the body and mind. Learn how you can defy gravity, balance growth hormones and activate natural antioxidants within to feel youthful, revitalized and rejuvenated. Experiencing this ‘time machine’ session on a regular basis to see results!

*This class is suitable for beginner.

这瑜伽课侧重于特定的瑜伽技巧,这些技巧自然地管理着时间对身心的破坏。 了解如何克服重力,平衡生长激素并激活其中的天然抗氧化剂,以使自己年轻,焕发活力和焕发青春。 定期参加此“时间机器”班以查看结果!


Class Schedule | 上课时间

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Fee | 费用

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