Office / Corporate Yoga 办公室瑜伽

Is your company practicing corporate wellness in the workplace?

A study done by University of Bristol researchers found that employees who exercised before or during work hours were better equipped to handle whatever challenges they had to face that day.

Encouraging employees to take just 60 minutes during work hours to practice some simple yoga stretches or breathing exercises at their desk or out in the fresh air and under the sun can help tremendously.

You may consider arrange office or corporate yoga class in your workplace. For sure, yoga can help to create healthy, less-stressed and motivated employees who are more productive and cost-effective for the organisation.

We’ve been helping many companies’ employees to reduce stress from 10 to 0 through our office or corporate yoga.



您可以考虑在工作场所安排办公室或企业瑜伽 课程。 可以肯定的是,瑜伽可以帮助员工们减压和培养身心健康,从而为企业带来更高的生产力和成本效益。 我们一直在通过办公室或企业瑜伽帮助许多公司的员工将压力从10降低到0。

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