Online Live Yoga Class 在线互动式瑜伽班

In addition to learn yoga at our lovely center, you can also choose to stay at home and learn yoga from our instructors through cloud video conferencing software.




  • 无论您身在其它地方或国家,只要能上网就能参与。
  • 节省来回中心的时间和油费。
  • 舒服的在家练习,安全远离病毒。
  • 学费经济


上课前30分钟,我们将通过Whatsapp提供Google Meet链接。想了解如何使用Google Meet ,请游览

What is difference between learning yoga at center and learning online?

Basically it is but the instructor will not be able to touch you to adjust your posture for online class. However, the instructor still able to help you explanation. If you have any questions during the class, you can ask the instructor directly for further assistance.

What’s the benefits to join online class?

  • No matter where are you located, you can participate as long as you have internet access through your mobile device or laptop.
  • Save traveling time and costs.
  • Able to practice comfortably at home and safe from viruses.
  • Lower fee.

How to attend online class?

Google Meet link will be provided 30 minutes before the class through Whatsapp. Click to learn how to use Google Meet.

Class Schedule | 上课时间

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Fee | 费用

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