Safety Guidelines 安全指引

Namaskar 😊🙏🏼
For safety measures, kindly read and adhere to the following procedures and safety guidelines when you visit our studio:

Before Class 上课前

  1. You are required to pre-book the class 2 hours in advance by WhatsApp us at +60168333033. Walk-in is not allowed. 您必须提前2小时通过WhatsApp+60168333033向我们预约。不能参与如果没有预约。
  2. If you not able to attend the pre-booked class, please notify us 2 hours in advance. Other wise, your attendance will be counted even you fail to attend the class later. 如果您无法参加您已预约的瑜伽课,请提前2小时通知我们。 否则,您的出席也将被计入即使您过后没有出席上课。
  3. Each class will be limited to 10 students only. 每个班级仅限10位学生。
  4. Apply hand sanitiser before class. 在上课前后, 请使用提供的洗手液洗手。
  5. You must wear face mask before the class. 您上课前一定要戴上口罩。
  6. Please keep social distancing (at least 1 meter). 请保持社交距离(至少1米)。
  7. Please rest at home if you are fever, having cough or/and flu. 如果您发烧,咳嗽和/或感冒,请留在家休息。
  8. Please bring your own water tumbler. 请自备水。
  9. Our studio will not provide yoga mat during this time and please remember to bring your own yoga mat. 本学院在此期间将不提供瑜伽垫,请记住带上自己的瑜伽垫。

During Class 上课时

  1. Please arrive 15 mins before the class. Late entry is STRICTY not permitted. 请提前15分钟到达。谢绝迟到者。
  2. Your body temperature will be measured when entering the center.  We have the right to refuse entry if temperature is at 37.5°C and higher. 我们会测量您的体温。如果温度高于37.5°C,我们有权拒绝您的进入。
  3. Please scan the MySejahtera QR code displayed at the center to check-in. Download it into your mobile phone if you haven’t to do so. 请扫描显示在中心的MySejahtera二维码以签到。如果尚未下载,请将其下载到手机中。
  4. Please present your membership card for each of the class that you attend. 请出示您的会员卡。
  5. There will be NO hands-on adjustments (no body contact). 导师将不会触摸您去调整您的姿势。
  6. Please keep social distancing (at least 1 meter) even during yoga practice. 请保持社交距离(至少1米), 即使正在练习瑜伽。
  7. You’re not encouraged to wear mask during yoga practice. 不鼓励您在练习瑜伽时戴口罩。

After Class 上课后

  1. Apply hand sanitiser after class. 在下课后, 请使用提供的洗手液洗手。
  2. You’re encouraged to use the sanitiser provided to clean the equipment after use. 请您使用我们提供的消毒剂消毒瑜伽垫和其它瑜伽工具。
  3. Please wear mask after the class ended. 下课后请戴口罩。
  4. Please keep social distancing (at least 1 meter). 请保持社交距离(至少1米)。
  5. You’re encouraged to leave the studio immediately after class ended if you do not have any inquires. 如果您没有任何疑问,我们鼓励您在课程结束后立即离开本学院。
  6. Please remember to login your MySejahtera App and click “Checkout” Ahimsa Yoga. 请记得登录您的 MySejahtera 应用程序并点击“Checkout” Ahimsa Yoga.

Let’s Keep Everyone Safe 希望大家健康安全

Thank you for your cooperation, and see you all soon in our lovely place for practicing yoga! We hope these guidelines will help keep our community safe. This is a new normal for us and it comes with many uncertainties. We will continue to monitor and adhere the guidelines set by the local authority from time to time.
感谢您的合作,很快就能与大家在我们温馨的瑜伽馆相见! 我们希望这些安全措施将有助于我们确保社区安全。 这对我们来说是一种新常态,它带有许多不确定性。 我们将继续不时监督并遵守地方政府制定的安全指南。