Wheel Pose MasterClass 轮式瑜伽大师班

轮式(Urdhva Dhanurasana)被认为是一种高级的瑜伽体式,因为它是一个深度后弯动作,伸展全身的肌肉。不仅需要脊椎的柔韧性,还需要手腕、手臂、胸部、肩膀、臀部、腹部和四头肌的柔韧性与力量。


我们的瑜伽导师Ms. Wirni可以帮助您掌握这种强大的体位 ,让您更安全、轻松的练习轮式。


  • 所有后弯体式(backbend)的基本步骤和精髓
  • 掌握如何在家自己练习
  • 可以让自己准备更难的瑜伽体式


There’s no other posture like Urdhva Dhanurasana, also called “full wheel”, or simply the backbend is the reigning queen of the backbend world.  This one iconic pose is so thorough: it stretches the quads, hip flexors, abdominals, and shoulders while strengthening the entire back body.  It represents the essence of the yoga practice; to live fearlessly, and with an open, strong heart.

But what if your experience of practicing this pose isn’t so open or fearless? Difficulty straightening the arms, lifting the chest, finding flexibility in the spine, or compression in the lower back can make the pose quite difficult. Our experienced instructor, Ms Wirni helps you to master this powerful asana requiring strength, flexibility and good form. The workshop is ideal for yogis that like a challenge and want to take their practice to a higher level. It’s fun. It’s social. It’s healthy. Why wait? 

In our workshop we will address all of these things and you will learn:

  • The fundamental bio-mechanics of all backbends
  • Highlighted points of preparation and sequencing for Full Wheel
  • The incredible value of doing proper Quad Stretches
  • How to deepen the pose if you’re able to get up with vertical arms
  • A personalized understanding of what to work on in your own practice to do the pose, or deepen the pose

This workshop will be perfect for any student wanting to learn to do the pose, or deepen the pose. Come prepared to practice and play! No serious injuries please.


MS. WIRNI (Please click here to see our instructor biography)

Date | 日期:
22 November 2020

Time | 时间:
4.00 PM – 6.00 PM

Fee | 收费:
RM99.00 / pax
*Valid until 20/11/2020. After is RM120.00 / pax

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23000030668 (Hong Leong Bank)

3. Share with us the proof of payment and we will confirm your registration.

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