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Singing Bowl Sound Healing

Sound Therapy

Heal the heart, relieve stress and improve sleep, the sound lead to a sense of happiness.

“Every bowl sound, every particle that vibrates out, they exchange energy and information with our body cells in the air of our naked eyes at all times. Everyone’s subconscious is safeguarding everyone’s highest interests.”


When singing the bowl, the body molecules will follow the peak of the sound wave of the singing bowl to have a frequency modulation effect on the body, activate the flow of energy, open up the long-term and emotional solution of the chakra, seek to relieve pain and pain, and make the body’s organs function. smoothly.

Sound is the auditory perception of hearing. Can be specifically felt and absorbed by the body. Through massage, the effect of telepathy and comfort is achieved.

There is no need to rely on drugs, listen to the beautiful and steady voice of the singing bowl, and use natural methods to accelerate the healing ability, so that the organs of the body can heal, which can achieve curative effects and provide health care.

Chakra balance triggers the flow of energy in the body, opening a circle of chakras and the onset of pain. The overtone sound emitted helps the body relax, and at the same time balances and adjusts the seven chakras of the human body.

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