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  • Do I need to be fit to join the classes?
    Absolutely not! As our classes are held in small groups, our certified instructors can modify exercises to accommodate your fitness level, while allowing you to work at your own pace.
  • What happens if I lose something in the center?
    Let us know as soon as possible so we can check if someone’s handed it in. Please remember that your belongings are your responsibility at all times.
  • Do I need to bring my own towel?
    Please bring your towel as we do not provide any towel.
  • I can't find my answer here. What should I do?
    Please WhatsApp us at +60168333033 for further assistance.
  • Can I visit to the premises?
    We take pride in offering an exceptional environment for our valued members. To prioritize the privacy and safety of our esteemed members, our facilities are solely accessible to registered members. Unfortunately, we do not facilitate guest visits. Your understanding in this matter is greatly appreciated.
  • Do I need to bring my own yoga mat?
    Please bring your own yoga mat as we do not provide any yoga mat.
  • Do you provide classes in different languages?
    All our classes are held and taught in english or mandarin. If you would prefer instruction in a different language, we will do our best to accommodate that in our private sessions, subject to availability.
  • This is my first time attending yoga classes, what classes should i go for?
    Our classes are designed to be accessible to all levels of experience, however we do offer a few beginner-friendly classes to kick you off! If it is your first-time practicing yoga, we recommend attending hatha, wheel, deep stretch hammock, and gentle flow. We encourage you to come to as many classes as frequently as you can to start to see the benefits more quickly. In all of our classes, you are more than welcome to rest whenever you feel like, take each class at your own pace, and re-join the class at your leisure.
  • I bought the wrong package/plan. Can i get a refund?
    All sales are final as per company policy. All purchases are non-refundable.
  • How do I pay?
    We strictly go for cashless. You may pay by Duitnow to our bank account or using one of the following online payment powered by Axaipay: Visa MasterCard FPX TNG Boost Grabpay ShopeePay MCash Wannapay Wavpay Unionpay Moby
  • Can I bring forward my unused session?
    You can use your unused sessions/credits towards your next purchase before they expire! As long as you stay an active Ahimsa Yoga Academy customer on a paid plan, you can roll over unused paid sessions/credits into your new plan. Rollover requests must be communicated via Whatsapp: +60168333033 at least 7 days before your plan expires. Unfortunately, we cannot backdate or process requests on the same day as your plan expiry. If your plan is cancelled, terminated, or expires, all unused sessions will be forfeited on the last day of your membership. Please be aware that during promotions, there may be variations in the rollover policy communicated by Ahimsa Yoga Academy.
  • Can I freeze or extend my membership plan?
    IF YOUR WISH TO FREEZE YOUR CLASS PACKS, HERE'S WHAT YOU NEED TO DO Timing: Submit your freeze request at least 14 business days before your package expiry date. Backdated or same-day requests cannot be processed. Submission: Email your request to Please allow up to 5 business days for us to process your freeze request. Once confirmed, you'll receive an email notification at Fee: Each freeze incurs an administration fee of RM50 per request per month. The freeze will effective based on the payment received date. Duration: The maximum freeze period is 3 months from your package expiry date. Example: If your Class Packs expire on 15 March 2024, and you submit the freeze request on 1st March 2024, freezing for a month with a RM50 administrative fee means your new expiry will be 29 April 2024 (15 days from your request date to your expiry date + 30 days). Special Circumstances: If you're pregnant, experiencing a serious illness, or have a serious injury, we can extend your freeze for up to 12 months. Proof is required for such cases. Important Note: Freezing is a temporary suspension, not a cancellation. We cannot refund fees paid before the freeze starts. Please inform us of your planned resumption date, and we'll automatically restart your membership on that day. We will immediately restart your Class Pack based on the freeze period. If you wish to continue freezing your class pack further, please inform us and make the payment at least 14 days before your new expiry date.
  • Do you have any introductory offers?
    We offer 3 session pack introductory offers for first-timers at our studio, you can purchase introductory offer once. More info, please WhatsApp us at +60168333033.
  • How do I see how many classes i have left?
    You can view this under my profile > my packages
  • What is VIP Pass?
    The VIP Pass guarantees reserved slots in group class schedules, ensuring you can attend based on your preferred time slot, except in exceptional cases ie: emergency cases involving instructors. This pass grants priority access, allowing you to secure desired classes without worrying about availability. It offers a convenient and reliable way to enjoy yoga sessions while accommodating your schedule preferences.
  • Can I transfer my membership to others?
    All membership is non-transferable.
  • How to renew my membership?
    Please visit to make a purchase using online payment.
  • What if I want to cancel my membership?
    You can cancel anytime. If still have unused sessions, no refund will be granted regardless any reason.
  • How does VIP Pass work?
    The VIP Pass works by coordinating with us to select your preferred time slot during your sign-up. Once confirmed, there are no changes or extensions allowed. You must adhere to the scheduled set of classes, and any unused sessions are non-refundable and non-extendable if you fail to attend or complete them. In the event of a class cancellation due to an instructor emergency, we will extend that one session accordingly. The VIP Pass provides a committed and structured approach to your yoga sessions with the flexibility to choose your preferred time slot.
  • What if my membership card has been expired but I still have unused session for attending class?
    Upon expiry of your membership, all unused sessions will be forfeited. No extension and refund will be granted once your membership is expired.
  • If I want my preferred slot, can you guaranteed the class?
    We strive to adhere to schedules and accommodate fixed time slots to the best of our ability, though constant availability cannot be guaranteed. Please note that classes may be subject to change or cancellation, influenced by factors such as attendance and scheduling constraints. For assured classes at your preferred time, consider opting for the vip pass, ensuring confirmed classes even with just one booking. Otherwise, please be mindful that class cancellations may occur due to the adaptability of our schedule, designed to accommodate students' varying availabilities. To elevate your learning experience, explore the benefits of our vip pass, offering increased flexibility and priority access to your preferred time slots. We recommend regular schedule checks and advance bookings for an optimal learning experience.
  • How can I book into a class?
    Once you have purchased a plan, you can proceed to book into your preferred class using our booking site
  • If I want the class to be confirmed even with only my booking?
    Certainly, you can contact us to confirm the class before the designated cut of time, and the minimum required credit is 8 or equivalent to 8 sessions.
  • If a class is cancelled, do i get extension or refunds?
    While we strive to maintain the advertised schedule, it may be subject to change or cancellation. Unfortunately, in such instances, we are unable to provide refunds, transfers, or compensation. To prevent last-minute inconveniences, we highly recommend consistent scheduling and attendance, and we advise against utilizing classes on the final day.
  • What is the minimum number of participants required for the class to proceed?
    For group classes, a minimum of 3 participants is required. If the minimum number of participants is not met during the cut-off time, the class will be canceled. We kindly ask you to plan your schedule accordingly, and please be aware that the package duration will not be extended due to cancelled class.
  • What if my class is cancelled?
    Upon the cancellation of a class, an email notification will be promptly sent to you, containing the necessary details, assuming your profile is equipped with the correct email address. It's advisable to check your junk mail folder as well. The credits utilized for the booking will be automatically refunded to your account, allowing you to use them for a future reservation. Additionally, you can log in to your profile and access "my booking" to review your upcoming classes.
  • Are the classes on the schedule are guaranteed?
    Members can book classes according to their preferred time slots. However, to initiate each slot, a minimum of 3 members per class is required. If the minimum number of members is not met by the cutoff time, the class will be automatically canceled.
  • Can I switch my reservation to a different class?
    We are not able to transfer your reservation from one class to another, even if it's at the same academy. In order to switch your reservation, you will first need to cancel your original reservation and then book the class that you plan to attend on Reminders: If you cancel your booked class within less than the booking policy rules, your class credit will be forfeited. All changes should be made directly through your account, not through the studio.
  • What is your late cancellation and no-show policy?
    We have a strict late cancellation & no-show policy applied. We get it, sometimes life happens and you can’t make it to your reservation. Our cancellation policy helps us provide you with a high-quality experience every time you attend, so we encourage you to cancel your reservation in advance follow booking rules. Reserved classes must be changed or cancelled as per booking & cancellation policy; you may cancel your class booking via your registered account. The credits you used to book the reservation will be automatically returned to your account. If you do not attend a booked class or cancel within less than the booking policy rules, your class credit will be forfeited.
  • I booked the wrong class. Can i cancel or get a refund?
    We have a strict 6-hours (pm class) & 12-hours (am class) cancellation policy for our group classes. If you can’t make your class, it is your responsibility to cancel before the start time of your scheduled class or you will lose the session. We understand life happens, but we need to be fair to all clients. All reservations need to be cancelled directly through your account ( to ensure a successful cancellation with the business. If you try to cancel your class reservation through the business directly, please note the cancellation will not process successfully and you may be charged a fee.
  • How early do i need to book the class?
    The schedule opens for booking two weeks in advance. For pm classes, please make your reservation at least 6 hours before, and for am classes, a minimum of 12 hours prior. Special classes may have different cutoff times.
  • How do I cancel the class I have booked?
    Login to your account, and click the drop down on top right of your name. Find and click on “my bookings” Click the class that you would like to cancel Click the "cancel booking" button to confirm. The reservation will no longer appear in your upcoming classes list.
  • Is there parking available?
    Yes! We have on-street parking in front of the our yoga academy. Do note that parking is limited and can get busy depending on the time of day. We suggest you arrive early so you can get a park as we will lock the doors 5 minutes after the commencement of class!
  • What is the studio etiquette?
    Be on time Arrive at least 10-15 minutes before the commencement of class as late admittance is disruptive and we will not allow entry into class once class has started. Get unplugged Disconnect to connect. No personal belongings beside your mat other than water and towels. Please ensure mobile are on silent mod. If you would like to take pictures, please do so before or after class. Stay till the end Please stay through the end of every class and allow it to work it’s magic. If you absolutely must leave early, please let your instructor know prior to class commencing and they will let you know when it is appropriate to leave to avoid disrupting others.
  • How early should I arrive?
    Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the commencement of your class to get settled in. We will not allow entry into class once class has started.
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