Ahimsa Yoga Malaysia

阿希姆萨瑜伽馆成立于2019年10月5日,是一个通过瑜伽去推广爱,友善和同情心的平台。 女人,男人,孕妇,甚至孩子(4岁以上行)都可以在这里学习和锻炼瑜伽。 我们希望通过练习瑜伽,有助于大家:

  • 改善柔韧性
  • 力量和姿势
  • 有更好的全方位健身
  • 减肥
  • 增加精力
  • 减轻压力
  • 有真确的呼吸方法而得到足够的氧气,和
  • 更开心,等等。

Founded on 5th of October, 2019, Ahimsa Yoga Malaysia is a platform to promote love, kindness and compassion through Yoga. Women, men, pregnant ladies, elders and even children (4-12 years old) can learn and exercise yoga here. We hope that by practicing yoga, we will help everyone:

  • improve flexibility, strength and posture;
  • have better all-around fitness;
  • lose weight;
  • release pressure;
  • improve sleep;
  • have adequate breathing methods to get enough oxygen; and
  • become happier, etc.


To ensure our students to learn the best and correct yoga practices, all of our instructors are experience and certified by the recognized bodies including Malaysia’s Ministry of Education, Yoga Alliance and Malaysian Association of Yoga Instructors.