Smart Kids Yoga 精明儿童瑜伽

Smart Kids Yoga is an easy-to-follow weekly yoga session for school children (aged 4 to 12 years old) to get down with some serious fun and at the same time establish communication between body and mind, striking a balanced growth along the way.


Why your kids should join yoga? 为什么参加儿童瑜伽?

  • Improve strength 强壮身体
  • Develop flexibility 提高灵活性
  • Boost confidence 增强信心
  • Train concentration 锻炼集中力
  • Relax and calm 放松和平静
  • Body awareness 身体意识
  • Encourage healthy lifestyle 鼓励健康的生活方式
  • Promote self-connection 促进自我联系
  • Enhance creativity 增强创造力

Class Schedule | 上课时间
Every Saturday (except Public Holidays) | 每个星期六(公众假期除外)
2.30 PM – 3.30 PM (English | 英文)

Fee | 费用
Please refer here 请在这里参考